Integra Boost 2-Way Humidity Control 62-Percent 4 Gram


Use our 4-gram Integra Boost 2-way humidity control packs to control moisture in an enclosed area. Our patented technology will either release or absorb moisture, maintaining relative humidity at 62% in a contained environment.

We include a smart, simple-to-read to Replacement Indicator Card with our Integra Boost packs. Simply replace the old pack with a fresh one when the dot on the Replacement Indicator Card turns bright blue.

  • Each Boost pack is individually over wrapped preventing it from activation (shelf life up to 2 years)
  • Non-corrosive ingredients – No smell transfer – Safe to touch your meds – Printed with food grade inks
  • Works better and last longer than other brands – Includes replacement indicator for hands free monitoring
  • Safe to use (can touch meds) : Contains propriety mix of glycerin, gelatin, and water
  1. Remove Integra BOOST pack from clear overwrap and place into a sealed container with contents to be preserved and protected.
  2. Integra BOOST will regulate Relative Humidity (RH) inside the container to the specific RH% labeled on the pack.
  3. Drop the Replacement Indicator Card inside the container and seal.
  4. Replace pack when the dot turns blue.


Pack Size

4 Grams

Suggested Cannabis Weight

14 Grams (½ Ounce)

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