Blue Hawaiian

Blue Hawaiian is known for being quite a looker—its light green to orange buds are covered in rich orange and red hairs and are coated with sparkling trichomes. Blue Hawaiian is fruity and smooth. Flowers are described as giving a balanced high.

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Much like the famous tropical cocktail, the Blue Hawaiian cannabis strain also boasts a berry and pineapple flavour profile. It’s super sweet and fruity and has notes of pine and wood on the exhale. This uplifting yet relaxing strain will have you feeling like you’re poolside at a tropical resort in no time at all. Blue Hawaiian’s effects are uplifting, mood-enhancing, and euphoria-inducing. Some also experience a short-term energy boost after consuming this strain. Due to the upbeat nature of Blue Hawaiian’s effects, many describe it as a great social strain. Another vital thing to be aware of regarding the Blue Hawaiian strain is that it’s a notorious creeper! Its effects take a little bit longer to kick in than your average strain. Therefore, you need to be careful not to over-consume, or you may suddenly feel a sudden wave of overwhelming effects. As time passes, Blue Hawaiian’s more physically relaxing effects come more to the fore. However, most experience gentle relaxation rather than couch-lock or full-body sedation.

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British Columbia


Private ACMPR

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