Han Solo Burger by Sacred Gardens


AAAA Grade | Sacred Gardens | Hybrid | Organic

A robust hybrid known as Han Solo Burger is a cross between Larry OG and GMO Cookies. The dense and compact buds of Han Solo Burger are coated in chunky white trichomes that hint at its potency. Long amber hairs peak through the hues of green and purple, adding to its bag appeal. Its flavour and aroma are similar, offering exotic notes of herbs, spice, and pine that blend beautifully with one another. Known for its heady, psychoactive euphoria, Han Solo Burger is sought by those looking for a heavy-hitting hybrid that will allow you to de-stress while still getting things done. This fast-acting, uplifting euphoria slowly gives way to a long-lasting tingly body buzz that invites sleepiness, leaving many feeling physically relaxed yet mentally stimulated.

THC: 30%
CBD: <2%

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Sacred Gardens Craft Exotic cannabis is grown to the highest standards, featuring some of the most savoured & praised terpene profiles in the craft cannabis market. Candy, citrus, cake, pies, sherberts, gelatos, mints & more, all perfect for the discerning consumer seeking those extra terpy flowers with unique bud structure and exotic flavours, caked with glistening trichomes.

The flower in this package was carefully selected by our team, is hand trimmed and exhibits unparalleled genetic quality. This fine example was cultivated in an ideal environment by our master growers using micro-craft methodology and exhibits the most sought after characteristics including flavour, exotic terpene profile, burn, visual appeal, genetic superiority & a clean white ash.

Welcome to Sacred Gardens. We source, pheno hunt, and micro-cultivate Canada’s most prized Craft Exotics, connoisseur approved & proudly produce on Vancouver Island. #craftexotic

Produced in

British Columbia


Sacred Gardens

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14 Grams (½ Ounce)






September 28, 2021


October 29, 2021

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