MK Ultra

A super-powerful indica strain known for locking you to the couch.

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MK Ultra is an incredible indica strain. With its parent being the classic OG Kush & G13, this strain is bound to rock your world. It’s known to be one of the world’s most potent indicas. Its cerebral effects will hit you first and melt away the stress as the couch lock creeps up on you. As time passes, you’ll feel that heavy sensation behind your eyes and start to nod off to a peaceful dreamland. People love this using strain to help treat depression, insomnia, and stress.

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British Columbia


Cannabliss Gardens

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  1. tcb420

    nose is piney earthy not overwhelming but its there. Nice Pine taste, burns nice. White ash the whole way through. The potency was nice especially considering the AAA rating. Overall 9.2

  2. moscowrobotics

    I always order the MK Ultra any time they get a new batch in because I find it to be consistently one of the best deals around. This newest batch is probably the best yet. Large dense nugs that are covered in THC crystals throughout. The smell is a medium gas with hints of earth and pine. When consumed you really start to taste the pine amongst the classic gas. Don’t be fooled by the “AAA” rating this stuff is no sleeper. Very very potent smoke. Burns very clean, white ash throughout a joint and smokes nice in a bong or pipe.

  3. Shameless

    My go-to strain! MK Ultra is honestly Ol’ Reliable because she always gets the job done for my depression and severe anxiety, helps me sleep as it is one of the heaviest Indica’s in existance, I mean look at it’s name LOL. Pinene and Caryophyllene are the predominant terpenes, so a Piney, Spicy nose and taste.
    11/10 would smoke again

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