Three Queens

Three Queens is a potent mix of White Fire 43 and Bubba Kush. Scaling in at a whopping 29% THC, the faint of tolerance should tread cautiously. Deep foreboding forest greens accentuate the copious dusting of trichomes. Chunky and bouldering formation while expertly cured and trimmed. Shortly after smelling, Three Queens will meet you with a rich and complex pungency. Most noteworthy are hits of dank earth, fuel, radish and sharp woodsy notes. Full and robust in a joint and vape alike.

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A true force of nature in effects. The immediacy is intense and hits directly behind the eyes. Soon after, a deep and sedative body stone churns forward. Very good for anxiety relief and appetite stimulation. Highly potent and long-lasting. Best suited for a plan-free afternoon or a hibernation-style evening in. Overall, Three Queens is an exotic connoisseur strain you don’t want to miss!

Flavours: Earthy, Dank, Spicy, Woodsy
Effects: Punchy, Strong, Body High, Sedative
Medical: ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue, Stress, PTSD

Produced in

British Columbia


Booty Budz

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  1. moscowrobotics

    Three Queens is a real AAAA landrace Indica strain. The stand out feature is the bag appeal on her. Large thick, sticky buds that reak of gas and wood. Every nug I received is coated in a thick layer of trichromes and crystals throughout. Sometimes I open my jar just to smell again; that’s how pleasant the nose is on this strain.

    The potency of this one is 10/10. Upon consumption, you are met with a cerebral head high immediately that seems to last forever. Be warned that is a knock out indica strain through and through. I do not need much to get going; an average bowl or roughly a half gram joint is all that’s necessary. The burn is clean, and the smoke fantastic.

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