Mango Distillate by Diamond Concentrates


Feeling tropical? Looking to get away without the hefty travel bill? Enjoy some mango distillate from Diamond Concentrates and get taken away to a tropical paradise. Enjoy it in your dab rig or add it to a fresh mango for an extra kick.

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Cannabis and mangos go together like coffee and doughnuts. The fruit is known to enhance the effects of cannabis for many people. The taste of Mango Distillate, not surprisingly, is very similar to fresh and sweet mangos, while it emits a delicious mango fragrance when smelled. Each syringe contains 1 gram of Diamond Concentrate’s premium cannabis THC Mango Distillate. The 1000MG of active ingredients in this syringe is made up of 90.67% THC, 0.16% CBD, trace amounts of other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. The estimated ratio of CBD to THC is 1:455. Distillates are created through an extraction process that separates and refines molecules to create a clean, almost clear concentrate. Other extraction methods don’t produce nearly the same purity level as this technique, making distillate regarded as one of the top-shelf cannabis concentrates.

Produced in

British Columbia


Diamond Concentrates



Method of consumption

Ingestion, Inhalation

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