Cake Bomb FSE by Kind Selections


(High-THC Formulation)

Kind Selections does not use any cuts, fake Terpenes, or distillate in the marking of their carts. The best portable vaping experience on the market. #chooseblue #selectkindess

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Indica Dominant HybridDominant Terpenes: Myrcene, Carene, Pinene. An explosion of sweet cake flavour and a gassy, diesel aftermath that will have you licking your lips and wondering where the time went. Enjoy this strain at night for an unbeatable relaxation or during the day if you don’t plan on getting much done.

Our “High-THC Formulation” has a higher viscosity than our traditional cart formulations. The initial pull will have more resistance than you are used to experiencing. We have been working hard to make this the best cart experience you have ever had. Please read the instructions inside carefully.

Net Weight: 1G Cartridge
Medical Patients 19+

Produced in

British Columbia


Kind Selections

Method of consumption


Strain type

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Net weight


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